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Bentong Chicken Farm is located in Bentong Happy Farm, Chamang, Bentong.  Happy Farm was a farm resort with chalets, meeting and conference facilities.  It was a venue popular for groups and family to have a break from the busy city life for a farm stay cum outdoor adventure. ( 

During the first MCO in March of 2020, the resort had to be closed. The owner decided to venture into chicken farming as a means of maintaining the farm and also pursuing the vision of the farm of healthy living: eating and living healthily.

In March 2020, He first experimented raising 400 chickens which grew very healthy and large within 90-day period.  The chickens were tasty and firm in their meats.  Customers provided good feedback and second and third batch soon followed.  He soon hired professionals on the team to provide advice and train the farm workers to raise healthy free range chickens.



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Types of chickens raised in Bentong Chicken Farm


Kabir Chicken/ 九斤鸡 /Ayam Gajah

Kabir – this is also known as nine-catty chicken (九斤鸡)or Ayam Gajah in Bahasa. This chicken was originally developed by an Israel company called Kabir International and hence its name.  The Chickens come in combination of colors: red, yellow black and brown.  Kabir breeds are strong and healthy that they can be bred and reared without the need for antibiotics.  

Kabir chickens are similar to our native chickens (ayam kampung).  However, it is superior for meat conversion because of its rapid growth, the good body conformation and efficient feed conversion. The chicken is resistant to disease and heat stress. It has a “native” taste and texture. Male Kabir can weigh as much as 2.5 kilos in just nine weeks while a female Kabir can weigh as much as two kilos in the same number of weeks.    

Cooking the Kabir requires slightly longer periods, especially the >90-day males who can taste a bit tough.  There needs to be a bit of water stewing before the main cooking take place (refer to suggested recipes page)



ISA Chicken/Naked Neck (光颈鸡)

Isa – this is also known the Naked Neck (光颈鸡) or Hollande (荷兰鸡), otherwise known as the Turken or Transylvanian Naked Neck, originates from Romania. The Naked Neck is a large standard chicken, and comes in bantam size as well. At maturity, this chicken can grow up to 3kg, making it a suitable meat chicken.  The meat is also tender and succulent, most suitable for steaming and poaching.

The Naked Neck loves to forage and will happily seek out the best vegetation and forage in our yard. In fact, this breed actually prefers to free-range and forage for their food. (


Ayam Kampung Kacuk

Ayam Kampung Kacuk – These are local breeds who are used to roaming around in the villages, keeping them as pet and also meat when they are all grown up.  They are not caged in and left to forage for food.  The AKK is small in size, averaging 1.5kg, but very tasty when used to cook soups and make chicken essence.  As they forage for food, they love eating pebbles and sand to help them digest.


YIM GAI (Capon or castrated chickens)

Yim Gai (Capon or castrated chickens). These are male birds (either Kabir or Isa) that have undergone a procedure to remove their testacles at their tender age.  This is a high risk procedure with mortality of about 50%.  When the testacles are removed, the testosterone of the male birds are gone, this will in turn cause the birds to focus on eating and growing.  The meat will be very smooth and fragrant.  The texture is reddish and like marble.  Yim Gai is a favorite among Chinese during festive periods and family gatherings.

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